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Welcome to Blog! I'm birthtotherbirth but call me ED or Btob for short :).

I into ROTG (Rise of the guradians) and HTTYD ( How to train your dragon) and sometimes I'm into 1D (One direction) Don't FUCKING Judge If I'm fan to them.

I ship Bennefrost, JackRabbit, Hijack and *new* HicJacko

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Request: I will take request from now on, but I will close it sometimes.

Why I was there, and what I was meant to do - that I’ve never known. 
And a part of me wonders if I ever will.

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Hijack smut week day 4,toys.

Don’t ask me anymore about sexy toys.

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what the fuck! Why didn’t my art show up when I seach for “hijack”? I did tagg hijack!!! god dammit!!

It won’t show up when you search for it if you don’t have “hijack” in the first 5 tags.

I did put “hijack” in My tag in My post

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headbangerkenny: tumblr can't get /tagged/ pages to work properly, don't worry

Thanks for inform me! :D

what the fuck! Why didn’t my art show up when I seach for “hijack”? I did tagg hijack!!! god dammit!!


… . Should I write for smut week? 

derpfire said: dont stop stipping in public be free jack, be fREE! aslfkakdaj toother this is rad

Yes!Strip naked jack in public!!YEAH!! This is what? I don’t get it Derpie.


More art for How to Train Your Dragon 2! This time: Hiccup’s Dragon Blade.
The Dragon Blade was Hiccup’s way to control fire and another one of his tools to communicate with dragons.

“One end coats the blade in Monstrous Nightmare saliva, the other sprays Hideous Zippleback gas. All it takes is a spark and…”
-Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

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Strip poker!au

read left to right.

and Bonus ( I’m not use smut day XD):

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